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From our shop, and the Dexter Farmers Market:

Pepper Bacon – $10/lb.

Boneless Pork Chops – $9/lb.

Shoulder Steaks – $7/lb.

Boston Butt Roast – $7/lb.

Picnic Roast – $7/lb.

Smoked Ham – $8/lb.

Cured Ham – $7/lb.

Ground Pork – $5/lb.

Breakfast Sausage – $6/lb.

Ham Hocks – $2/lb.

You can call or e-mail to arrange a time to swing by and pick up the cuts you want from our shop.


Individual Cuts:

We sell individual cuts of pork out of our shop (82333 Lost Creek Road, Dexter), or at the Dexter Farmers Market, which runs from June through September. You can contact us by phone (541 937 2365) or e-mail ( place your order, and arrange for pick up.  If you arrange to stop by our shop, our prices are reduced 10%.

uncuredham  Factory-farmed pork never looks like this!

Whole & Half Pigs:

Our preferred way of getting our pork to you is by selling whole or half pigs.  This is the most economical way to get all the cuts of pork, and control the portion size cut.  This year we are selling our hybrid pigs for $3.00/lb. based on the “hang weight” of the pig (minus viscera and skin), and our Berkshire pigs for $3.50/lb.

Once the pig is weighed, it is normally sent to a meat locker for cutting and wrapping.   If this is your choice, we will have a mobile butcher (normally 4-Star Meats) come out to kill and clean the animal and take it to their meat locker for processing.  We contact you once the pig is at the locker, and you can call to tell them how to butcher the meat to your specifications.

A whole pig, cut & wrapped normally fills a little more than 2 milk crates (12″ x 18″ x 10″).

Do It Yourself Butchering:

We are very excited about this option for those buying a whole or half pig.  We have a shop with all the tools necessary for cutting and wrapping your pig.  We charge a $50 shop fee, and teach you how to cut and wrap meat yourself.  You save the butcher fee, learn a skill, get all the pig (no loss of bones for soup, or other less often used parts of the pig), and gain control over the cuts of meat you bring to your table.  Visit our DIY page for more information on this opportunity.